• 15 Jun 2021 to 24 Jun 2021/
  • Office Administration and Management

Most organizations in this competitive labor market fail to achieve their targets successfully because employees perform below standard. This is due to the inability of the working environment to encourage employees to work harder. If the management does not invest much into the welfare of their workers, effective use of performance management system, problems are bound to arise and may lead to industrial labor turnover, low commitment to work, low morale, poor job satisfaction that may also lead into low productivity of goods and services. This course will enable participants to properly use performance management system to achieve both short term and long term objectives.

Course Objectives

  • Apply new techniques to link Institutional success and effective human resources management;
  • Understand how to cascade the corporate strategies to lower levels
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) in realizing strategic objectives;
  • Use the balanced scorecard as a performance management System,
  • Properly use OPRAS in performance improvement,
  • Make performance appraisal meaningful and relevant
  • Identify the role of various players in Implementing OPRAS and
  • Understand the role of motivation in performance improvement

Course Content

  • The concept of management, leadership and strategic management
  • Identify and managing key performance indicators
  • Performance Management
  • Common reason for poor performance
  • Management By Objective (MBO)
  • The use Balanced scorecard in Performance management
  • The use of OPRAS in Public sector
  • The roles of various players in implementing OPRAS
  • How to conduct appraisal meetings
  • Common Problems With the Performance Appraisal Process
  • Role of motivation in performance improvement

Targeted Group

The course is intended for Human Resources Managers/Officers, Directors, Administrators, Head of Departments/Sections, consultants, trainers, mentors, Supervisors and any other interested person.

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Course Price: 1,400,000/=