• 01 Jun 2021 to 10 Jun 2021/
  • Human Resource

In today(s) competitive business environment, Government and non-governmental organizations are increasingly making an effort to build and retain quality employees. Executives are involved in the War for Talents that allow Institutions to create Institutional excellence and continuously improve its bottom line. This course will enable participants to know how to integrate all components of human resources systems so as to attract, develop, appraise, retain the best people and develop a succession plan.

Course Objectives

  • Understand an organization and Individual behaviours;
  • Apply key principles of Management and leadership in globalized world;
  • Apply new techniques to link Institutional success and effective human resources management;
  • Explore contemporary issues in employment and labor relations in Tanzania.
  • Develop Proactive talent management system;
  • Assess and evaluate employee’s performance;
  • Identify, keep, develop and promote the best people;
  • Monitor and evaluate organizational projects;
  • Develop high trust work relationship;
  • Design a conflict management and resolution strategies; and
  • Develop Succession plan to insure Institutional sustainability.

Course Content

  • The concept of Management and leadership
  • Managing Individual Behaviors and personalities
  • Talent management and Institutional success
  • Motivational Management
  • Result based Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Performance management
  • The effective use of OPRAS in public sector
  • Conflict management
  • Contemporary issues in employment and labor relations in Tanzania
  • Career development
  • Succession plan development

Targeted Group

The course is intended for Human Resources Managers/Officers, Directors, Administrators, Head of Departments/Sections, consultants, trainers, mentors, Supervisors and any other interested person.

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Course Price: 1,400,000/=