• 10 May 2021 to 15 May 2021/
  • ICT

E-learning has the potential to revolutionize the way we teach and how we learn. A great deal of progress has been made so far, but there is much more to do. E-learning can take us a further step forward. This is about embedding and exploiting technologies in everything we do, and getting ICT embedded across the curriculum for all subjects and in all pedagogies. E-learning has the power to transform the way we learn, and to bring high quality, accessible learning to everyone - so that every learner can achieve his or her full potential.

Course Objectives

  • Familiar to e-learning Technology
  • Creating Modules and adding Resources
  • Adding users
  • Assessing participants (Assignment, workshops, Groups)
  • Using Turnitin Plagiarism system
  • System Administration.
  • Requirements for establishing e-learning

Course Content

  1. To introduce participants to the Moodle E-learning Management System
  2. Why Moodle?
  3. Course/module administration
  4. How to use moodle to creating lecture/training resource
  5. Exploring different assessment modes available on Moodle.
  6. How to use a grade book and Advanced marking option.
  7. Access to Moodle_Turnitin and creating an assignment.
  8. How students submit an assignment.
  9. How to use the Moodle _Turnitin GradeMark interface.
  10. What an originality report is and how to read one.
  11. The use of Turnitin as teaching vs. detection tool.
  12. Raising awareness of potential plagiarism issues in students’ work

Targeted Group

Human Resource Managers, system Administrator, ICT managers, Lecturers and anyone interested on e-learning

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Course Price: 1,000,000/=