• 12 Apr 2021 to 17 Apr 2021/
  • ICT

The IT Customer Support Technician Course will equip candidates with the skills and knowledge to competently carry out routine customer support to a range of Computer users, communicate effectively with support managers, supporting colleagues and external clients.

Course Objectives

IT Customer Support Technician equips participants with practical “Hands-On” skills relevant to the workplace and the theory required for certification. Participants on successful completion of the course will have the skills and knowledge to:

  1. Provide technical information and support in response to customer requirements
  2. Identify potential improvements in the customers’ use of resources
  3. Assist in reviews to identify how automated procedures may improve customers’ use of resources
  4. Create routine automated procedures and assist in the creation of complex automated procedures

Course Content

  1. Providing technical support and effectively responding to a customer’s request
  2. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of communication with customers. Using open and closed questions, questionnaires, etc. to determine customer requirements.
  3. Use of Operating Procedures, guides, notes, and telephone help-lines.
  4. Create routine automated procedures and assist in the creation of complex automated procedures. e.g. timed backups and data transfer, scheduled virus and spyware scan, scheduled maintenance (disk scanning, defragmentation, shortcuts and hyperlinks, and auto-run applications)
  5. Utilizing call logging software, technical guides and logs, manufacturers’ web sites, CD, DVD, libraries, electronic media, and bulletin boards.
  6. Monitoring system trends, identifying potential failures, identifying user training needs, identifying weak/unreliable areas in the system, and identifying potential improvements.
  7. Health and Safety regulations and constraints. Data Protection related issues.
  8. Use of database customer relationship management (CRM), Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), Remote system access, and Instant messaging.

Targeted Group

Customer care staff, IT professionals, Marketing staff and any individual interested.

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