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  • ICT

Managers and department heads have always been looked upon as whales, so to speak, by hackers. They have more privileges and more sensitive information with them than most of the employees in a company. It is in the company(s) best interest that they do everything in their power to avoid their senior management staff from being hacked. If compromised, the hacking of managers/heads would potentially do more harm than a regular employee being hacked. To keep managers/heads from being compromised, specific protocols need to be in place. However, the entire responsibility does not fall onto the IT department/directorate of the company. All divisions must work together to spread awareness and ensure that the protocols are being followed.

Course Objectives

Introduces participants to the most relevant cybersecurity topics to ensure they have the knowledge to make more informed decisions and better manage business risk.

VALUE: Satisfy governance, risk, regulatory and compliance training requirements for management security awareness.

Course Content

Session 1: Foundational information security concepts

Session 2: Security awareness

Session 3: Social engineering

Session 4: Spear-phishing & ransomware

Session 5: Cybercriminal psychology

Session 6: Insider threats

Session 7: External threat actors

Session 8: Digital forensics & incident response

Targeted Group

Designed specifically for Head of Departments, Managers, Senior Managers and Directors

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Course Price: 2,000,000/=