• 03 May 2021 to 07 May 2021/
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Tender evaluation is meant to determine the value to the Procuring Entity of each tender in a manner that will provide a meaningful comparison among responsive and responsible bids based on Evaluation and Qualification criteria and the determination of the lowest evaluated cost bid. Integrity in tender evaluation plays an important role in minimizing corruption in public sector procurement. This course empowers the participants on hands-on tender evaluation and prevention of corruption practices in public procurement. It particularly focuses on preparation of standard bidding documents (SBD); evaluation procedures and award of tender; fraud and corruption and their impacts; investigative techniques for fraud and corruption. The course also discusses the preventive measures of fraud and corruption in public procurement and the legal provisions [Public procurement Act (2011) and its regulations (2013), the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Act 2007 and the code of ethics of procurement professionals] in the country aimed at curbing the same. Further, the course gives an overview of the extent to which the legal provisions have been successful in curbing corrupt practices in the country. Finally, the participants will have an opportunity to suggest for the future plans aimed at promoting integrity in public sector procurement

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the principles of public procurement;
  • Gain skills on preparation of SBDs;
  • Attain skills in performing tender evaluation, review of evaluation reports and award of tenders;
  • Attain a high level of understanding: fraud and corruption-impacts and investigative techniques, and prevention practices;
  • Recognize the legal provisions in preventing and combating corruption; and
  • Suggest for the future plans aimed at promoting integrity in public sector procurement.

Course Content

  • An overview of public procurement;
  • Key issues in preparation of SBDs for goods, works and services and disposal of public assets
  • Evaluation procedures for goods, works, and non-consultancy services
  • Evaluation procedures for consultancy services
  • Evaluation procedures for disposal of public assets
  • Review of evaluation reports and award of tenders
  • An overview of fraud and corruption and impacts
  • Investigative techniques for fraud and corruption
  • Prevention of corruption practices in public procurement

Targeted Group

Procurement and Supplies Directors/ managers/ officers/ supervisors; Tender Board Members; User Department Staff involved in Tender Evaluation, Receiving and Inspection and Contract Management; Auditors; Any other person involved in one way or another in managing the procurement process.

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Course Price: 1,000,000/=