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The Institute Consultancy and Executive Development Department was established in 2011 for the purpose of coordinating expertise and other resources at the Institute to enhance the Institutes effective contribution to the industrial and socio-economic development of the country.

Assisting in local, regional, national and international goals of wealth creation and improving the quality of life;
Provision of an efficient, reliable and competitive service to any portion of the community, local, regional, national or international that could benefit from the extensive educational, consultancy and executive developments short courses at the Institute;
Developing and enhancing contacts/ networking with commercial organizations, leading to executive development and educational ventures;
Maintaining up-to-date expertise among staff, and the social, industrial and commercial relevance of consultancy and teaching;
Enhancing the Institute’s courses and consultancies through the provision of case studies and real-world problems solving drawn from successful consultancies;
Enhancing the profile of the Institute externally.

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