CPB is the qualification that contributes to quality knowledge and skills in the banking industry.

CPB is the banking professional that is offered by the Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB) since 1993.

TIOB is a professional body and membership will keep members in touch with the opportunities and developments in the banking.

What you'll study

Level I (BC I)

  • Principles of Law (POL)
  • Principles of Management (POM)
  • Principles of Marketing and Business Ethics (PMB)
  • Information Technology (IT)
Level II (BC II)

  • Principles of Economics (POE)
  • Principles of Banking (POB)
  • Accounting (ACC)
Level I (CPB I)

  • Law Relating to Banking Services (LRB)
  • Strategic Marketing Management (SMM)
  • Management Practice (MAP)
  • International Trade Finance (ITF)
Level I (CPB II)

  • The Monetary and Financial System (MFS)
  • Financial Analysis (FA)
  • Lending (LEN)
  • Financial Services (FS)
Minimum Entry Qualifications:

Banking Certificate
To be eligible to enter the Banking Certificate programme, a candidate must be a member of The Tanzania Institute of Bankers together with the following qualification:

  • Must either be a bank employee with a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) orAdvanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSE). or
  • Must be a holder of CSE with at least a pass in English and Mathematics. or
  • Must be a holder of ACSE with at least one principal level pass and must have passed English
  • language or Mathematics at CSE level. or
  • Holder of Certificate from National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) or
  • Certificate from National Board of Materials Management (NBMM)

  • Certified Professional Banking

    • To be eligible to enter the Certified Professional Banking, a candidate must hold Bachelor Degrees or Advanced Diploma in Banking, Accounting or Economics.
    • Other Degrees or Advanced Diploma holders are required to pass BC II first before they proceed to CPB Programme


    Those who hold professional qualifications, master’s degrees may apply for exemption in core subjects that were covered in their Postgraduate courses. Transcripts and course outlines must be submitted together with the application for exemption.



General Public
Banking Certificate (BC) 75,000
Certified Professional Banking (CPB) 100,000